We're Your Partner in Your Success

The Start and the Art Direction

Spesuna started as a startup; While we were students, we worked on few simple projects, creating landing pages for small and medium local businesses in Ghana. As we progressed, we started our career while being NSS personnels. Our well thought through, visually appealing designs, enhanced by subtle details and brand guidelines… keep us going.

The Creative Traveling

On par with our love for an aesthetically pleasing design, we also developed a true passion for functionality and structured approach. We employ very innovative and efficient ways to execute each and every task.

UI and UX Design That Stands Out

A customer-centered thinking and the love for design turned out to be an effective combo when collaborating with agencies, clients and brands. We always enjoy developing digital concepts and solving problems that pop up during the production stage… This rough framework represents our pathway to a balanced understanding of the web design as it is and as it should be!

Long & Fruitful Experience

We are UX Designers and Art Directors. Initially, the digital artworks and small websites design tasks were our gateway to the creative industry. It eventually led us to a life changing decision of starting our own brand, as our first independent step in the world of the digital design… SPESUNA means hope together!